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you need to come closer to Wojciech Lawnicki's paintings to see shapes on the earthy surface. Forget for a little while about other (maybe even more significant) qualities of his works such as colour, light or material, and focus on the innate calligraphy of soil.


You may assume the artist has painted or carved the shapes but, in fact, he has only created circumstances in which the unpredictable forms can freely crop out.

He is more like a witness, an intermediary between landscapes and art who just coordinates the process of formation.

A silent employee of organic substances. 


Sometimes he tries to read the shapes, vertically and horizontally, over and over. This hermeneutics of dirt, however,

is a futile activity. He will probably never decipher the symbols of an unknown language.


A few of them have been used to build the website. Digitised and recomposed, they exist as an introduction to the paintings from which they have been extracted.​ 

Wojciech Lawnicki is an artist who converts organic materials collected not only in Tuscany, but also in further areas, into monochromatic paintings - i.e. monolithic superstructures of colour. His use of light dematerialises earth, rocks, minerals or volcanic lava and enables the transition from landscapes to lightscapes. 


b. 1981, Konin, Poland. Lives and works in Berlin and Konin. Graduated from the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Co-founder of Plastyfikatory Gallery. Participant of international group exhibitions who has also held several solo shows.   

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